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VE5ARS                            VE5BBP

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Latitude: 52° 44 Min. 21 Sec.
( 52.739200)
Longitude: -108° 18 Min. 35 Sec.

Grid Square DO52ur
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Webmaster's Stuff For Sale

* Stuff For Sale*

Just added - January 30, 2012

Icom IC-7200
More info to come


SOLD Yaesu FT-817ND Package SOLD

SOLD ZM-2 Antenna Tuner SOLD

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FT-817 Information - WideBanding and More

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Canadian Special Event Call Signs and Special Prefixes

  Contest Calendar

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The Amateur Radio Link

Over the next few months as time permits, this new Amateur Radio will be developed.
We're looking at ideas of what can be added to the site. We want to have the right     
stuff, what you are looking for..                                                                         -

Check back often for updates on the progress of this project.


Weather Provided by Environment Canada

Did you know that Environment Canada has a radio network?


So what's this Amateur Radio stuff?

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Watch the video to learn about Amateur Radio!

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Local                                                          UTC


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Solar Activity Monitor

Solar X-rays:  

Geomagnetic Field:  



About the Solar X-ray status monitor

Space Weather and Solar Conditions

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                        APRS Online Search

FindU APRSWorld

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The Official Canadian Amateur Radio Call Book

The most current information available, from Industry Canada, our licensing agency.

Canadian Callbook

Canadian Call Sign Quick Search
(Enter name or callsign)

Search for Available Callsigns

This search engine is provided by Radio Amateurs of Canada.
The database is provided by Industry Canada.

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      In Canada The Rules are Different!

              Amateurs from other countries may think that we are operating illegally. In Canada, 
              we have no sub-bands for phone  and  CW in our  HF bands, though most amateurs   
              comply with the gentlemen's agreement..                                                                        

Get the Facts:

Amateur Radio Service

Canadian Amateur Radio Licensing Fact Sheet

Radio Amateurs of Canada


Find what you want with Google Search!

Free Amateur Radio Software and more!

MM Hamsoft Website

These excellent Programs are written by JE3HHT

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Stuff For Sale!

>> More Coming Soon <<

*  Books & Software  *

Details Here

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Your Invitation to Join the Amateur Radio Digital Revolution!

Poor Man's Fold Over Tower Install

(Manuals  and Support Info)

Link Page

The Amateur Radio Link

KComputer Zone
(Computer Help, History and Information)

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In Memory of a Friend & Fellow Amateur Radio Operator

James (Jim) Bendle - VE5EB = SK
Jim became a silent key November 14, 2000

Visit the VE5EB Memorial Website

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73 -Ken - VE5KC

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

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