Poor Man's Fold Over Tower Install

After having the tower laying on the ground, the pole in the ground and the hinged base in the shed for several years I finally got it up! On site this install was a one man job once all the necessary parts were gathered up. The tower is a 30 foot tubular TV tower mounted on a custom made hinged base. A hand crank winch is mounted on the pole for raising and lowering the tower.  The tower is supported by the pole at aprox. the 20 foot level. At present it is necessary to climb the tower to secure and un-secure it to the pole using 'U' bolts. In future I would like to come up with a easier way of  fastening the tower to the support.. 

As we get older, climbing a tower and working on things up in that air becomes less appealing. Gone are the days of climbing a tower just to take a look at the view, you can see a long way from the top of a commercial tower several hundred feet high. So much for those old days not to mention many of us moving to places that limit antenna installations. I still have my own place with no imposed restriction on antenna installations other than the small size of the lot. I don't have enough room for my 80 meter antenna and have to depend on hanging one end from a street light pole in the front yard. After 16 years I will claim squatters rights if anyone complains.. hopefully that will work.. hi.. hi.. Another problem, there are a lot fewer young hams these days available for doing antenna work for us older fellows..

Having the whole tower fold over makes antenna work very easy.. The only problem is getting my round-to-it working these days.. hi.. hi.. I still have to come up with an easier way to fasten the tower to the pole.. I'd like to eliminate the climbing and unbolting process that is still required.. Other than that it works very well.

Here is what it looks like....

    Tower Installed
VHF Antenna on top with rope/pull off side for wire antenna
Tower support bracket (modified under eave bracket)
Tower support & top of pole
Base with custom made fold over hinge

Thanks to those who helped in providing parts, ideas and help with making the bracket and hinged base!

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